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Arquitectura MRG is an architectural practice based in the Sobrarbe region of Aragón in northern Spain and led by Scottish architect Mary Rose Greene. She has lived and worked in Spain for the last twenty years and collaborates with a spectrum of local construction industry professionals including other architects, building design engineers, construction firms and artisans such as carpenters, metal workers and stonemasons. Past clients include locals as well as incomers from other parts of Spain and international clients.

The principal aims of the practice are to develop and establish sustainable, environmentally friendly criteria for renovations and new-builds which are not only realistic economically, but which also prioritise building quality and the well-being of the building’s occupants. It is a broad, holistic approach and requires analysis of the impact of building occupation and construction on the environment and society as a whole.

Of particular interest to the practice is the investigation of the possibilities of rural life, through the renovation and adaptation of existing buildings. By reconfiguring and designing the interior spaces, careful selection of materials and awareness of the historical context, the practice strives to create quality interiors and living environments while remaining in keeping with local cultural values.

We provide all types of architectural services; independent consultation and advice before buying a property, feasibility studies to ascertain planning and budgeting limitations, liaison with local authorities for the acquirement of licences and permits, design work for renovations and new builds, supervision of the building works, project management,  interior design, etc.



To design healthy homes and workspaces using a variety of technologies (lo-tech/ hi-tech) as a means to optimise comfort and well-being.

To create spaces and buildings adapted to the environment, using natural and low impact, local materials (km0).

To lead a team of professionals in the sector, in order to create quality projects.

To fulfill to our clients’ needs through creative solutions.

You are part of the process.

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