Project Work


The Project work required for building licences and permissions is developed in various stages depending on the particular requirements in each case.

  • Estudios Previos (viability stage)
  • Anteproyecto (outline design stage)
  • Proyecto básico (detailed design stage)
  • Proyecto de ejecución (detailed construction stage)
  • Direccion de obras (supervisión/inspection of the building work)

Coordination and collaboration with other professionals

A design Project is a team effort, and we believe that the end result is improved by a collaborative approach. We will coordinate with the different members, facilitate communication and pre-empt bureaucratic challenges. Some projects may require specialised consultants to carry out work such as:

  • Topographical survey
  • Geological survey
  • Environmental impact study
  • Conservation of heritage report

We also have links with other design specialists where targeted development of specific criteria is desired:

  • Interior designers
  • Graphic design and marketing
  • Energy efficiency engineers
  • Heating and cooling engineers
  • Water management specialists
  • Landscape and gardening

Atage 1: Analysis and brief development

An adequate analysis of the client’s needs and objectives, the pre-existing conditions of the site, climate, geography and local building customs and traditions, is essential for setting up a framework to guide the design process, known as the brief.

A well-developed brief allows creativity and innovation to drive the Project, while keeping within the parameters of feasibility and sustainability.

Stage 2: Design, ideas and creativity

The development of imaginative design solutions through all stages of design. from initial ideas through detail and construction stages until the final functioning building.

We aim to work in a collaborative relationship with our clients. Building trust is important to us because it facilitates good communication and the sharing of knowledge and ideas.

Design work is carried out in a series of meetings where various proposals will be explored and compared, adjusted or changed and then re-evaluated in order to make the final design decisions. This process can be as long or as short as required, but in our experience, the more rigorous and reflective it is, the more fluid the future stages of the Project will be.

Stage 3: Production of final drawings and documents

When the final design has been agreed on, the team focuses its efforts on producing the final drawings and paperwork for submission. Compliance with regulations may require some design decisions at this stage. But in general it is a more technical phase of the work. Structural calculations, health and safety assessment and waste management plans among other administrative requirements will be carried out.

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